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“I have used the services of Sex Therapy North for erectile problems. If I had only known how welcoming, normalising and supportive the process and Andrew was I would have been there much sooner than the two years it took me to get there! Andrew totally got what was going on for me, the 'tactics' I had used to 'deal' with the problem and helped me overcome my erectile problems. He established that there was nothing medically going on and while it was tough work at times I am much more aware of what goes on when I have sexual encounter and realise that I am a deserving sexual being, not bad considering I had all but given up on sex and sexual relationships. I would encourage anyone with a sexual concern or problem to get over any fear or embarrassment and contact Sex Therapy North, it will change your life.”



“Andrew is an extraordinary therapist. He has deep insight into the needs of his clients, and works with complete professionalism and clarity. He also works very efficiently - he does not waste time - and gets to the point very quickly. He is also very practical. I recommend him very, very highly.”

Mark Jarmuz, Therapy North.


“Before visiting Andrew we had both been separately and together to see two other Psychotherapists, alas with little or no progress being made Andrew was recommended because of his specialism in the field of psychosexual therapy.

As two gay men, some other therapists had trouble dealing with our sexual relationships. Andrew, on the other hand, was a breath of fresh air. Not only did he understand the nature but also the dynamic of our relationship within 15 minutes of talking to us, he was able to clearly ‘diagnose’ our problem. When someone explains to you where your relationship is going wrong and confidently provides a clear solution, as a couple you realise the hurdles can be cleared. This is exactly what Andrew was able to do. We had around half a dozen sessions and through role play and homework we were able begin to see each other in a completely different light -a sexual light. Before the therapy one of us had totally de-sexualised the other which needless to say was making for a very unhappy relationship. By understanding why as individuals we were taking on certain roles, Andrews’s advice and therapy allowed us to recognise this and come out of them onto an equal footing.

The name of the game since finishing the therapy has been trying to stick to dedicated ‘us’ time so as a couple we can start to enjoy ourselves sexually and sensually. This is a work in progress but a very pleasant one at that.

We would both recommend Andrew without hesitation".

Nick & Tony, Leeds.


“I have been truly impressed and delighted with the professionalism of Andrew Yates and his team and would recommend his service to anyone”

Andy Taylor, Harrogate.

Professional Affiliations
COSRT: Accredited Psychosexual Psychotherapist and Accredited Supervisor
UKCP: Registered Psychosexual Psychotherapist
BSSM: Member of the British Society of Sexual Medicine
ESSM: Member of the European Society of Sexual Medicine
AAMET: Certified Practitioner of the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques.
StopSO: Specialist Treatment Organisation for the Prevention of Sexual Offending.