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What Is Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a therapeutic alliance between the client and the therapist where issues and problems can be explored in a safe, non-judgmental and controlled environment premised on mutual respect and understanding.

The sex therapy approach is a combination of exploring issues in the therapy session and undertaking homework based activities in the privacy of your own home. Here are some of the activities and interventions which may be included depending on your particular sexual problem:

Sexual education: discussing sexual attitudes, exploring relationship and sexual myths, discussing biological and psychological sexual function and exploring how life events, illnesses, ageing etc can cause sexual problems.

Embarking on sexual growth: looking at how you can understand your body better and get the most from it. Becoming familiar with your individual sexual responsiveness and maximising pleasure.

Sensate focus exercises: exercises undertaken in the privacy of your own home specifically to address particular problems. This may be in the form of erotic touching, massaging and caressing exercises to assist in learning about your and maybe your partners body.

Solo exercises: specifically to improve ejaculatory control, strengthen erection and improve orgasm also to rehabilitate the pelvic floor which is essential in both men and women’s sexual function and enjoyment.

Communication exercises: looking at helping you to understand how communication can be improved within a sexual relationship. Assisting in negotiating shared sexual enjoyment and preferences also negotiating possible differences in sexual drive, appetites and expectations.

Relationship based interventions: specifically looking at how you and your partner negotiate your relationship, power-share, enjoy time together and apart whilst continuing celebrate the differences which make you interesting to each other.


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Professional Affiliations
COSRT: Accredited Psychosexual Psychotherapist and Accredited Supervisor
UKCP: Registered Psychosexual Psychotherapist
BSSM: Member of the British Society of Sexual Medicine
ESSM: Member of the European Society of Sexual Medicine
AAMET: Certified Practitioner of the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques.