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Why Sex Therapy

Many people are left feeling that their personal sexual experiences fall short of the sexually-liberated, anything-goes, multi-orgasmic society portrayed in glossy magazines, newspapers and television.

The reality for many people is somewhat different. Sex for them may be boring or unfulfilling - a far cry from the way it is portrayed in pornographic movies, on the internet or during bragging sessions down the pub. For some, it is fraught with anxiety, pain, worry and fear and sexual intimacy may be avoided altogether, thus putting a strain on relationships.

Hidden anger and resentment between a couple can often result in a lack of sexual desire and sex can be used as a way of 'punishing' a partner and creating distance through withdrawal. Most sexual problems are made up of a combination of factors and often there is more than one sexual dysfunction present so it can be complex trying to unravel the causes.

Sex therapy can help to overcome embarrassment and communicate with your partner more openly and frankly about your sexual desires and needs. It enables you to explore and understand the reasons behind the problems, and look at ways to resolve them, either as a couple or as an individual.


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Professional Affiliations
COSRT: Accredited Psychosexual Psychotherapist and Accredited Supervisor
UKCP: Registered Psychosexual Psychotherapist
BSSM: Member of the British Society of Sexual Medicine
ESSM: Member of the European Society of Sexual Medicine
AAMET: Certified Practitioner of the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques.